Super Speedy Daffodil Arrangement

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I’m taking a break from drywall dust to bring you something pretty. But first, can I brag that I framed a wall last week!? Well, I made a wall a few feet longer, but power tools and all- I felt pretty tough. DIY Spring Daffodil Arrangement - lemonthistle.comSticking with my last-minute tradition, here is my March DIY Floral arrangement. If you’ve been reading for a bit, you’ll know I challenged myself to DIY an arrangement each month with supermarket flowers. I love that I can bring some floral cheer into my home for next to nothing and to make it more fun- I’m using the flowers associated with each month. You can find January here and both February arrangements here and here.

March Floral -

March is very springy: Daffodils! Bunches were on sale at my local grocery store for $1.49 a bunch, so five bunches rang in at less than ten bucks. Using a glass decanter and ribbon I had on hand, this arrangement came together in a snap. So here’s the super easy steps to get your own DIY spring centerpiece.

Start by stripping off all the leaves on your daffodils. This is great for daffodils because most of them have leaves with brownish yellow ends- not cute. You can see some of those leaves here.

March Floral -

next gather the daffodils in one hand, adjusting them to the height you want before cutting the stems to the same length. This is so much quicker than cutting one stem at a time by lining it up with your vessel. No fuss.

March Floral -

Then, use an elastic to secure the buds together. I did this at the height of the tightest point in my vessel. Then, twist the stems so the blooms fall into a less tight bundle. This is really important if your flowers aren’t in full bloom. Mine filled out so nicely the next day!

March Floral -

Stick ’em in your container and finish it off with ribbon. I used a grosgrain navy ribbon to make a floppy bow and it hides the elastic perfectly. Plus- who doesn’t love the combination of navy and yellow?

March Floral -

March Floral -

So that’s it! If you have 10 minutes and 10 bucks, make yourself one- I’d love to see it!

PS. Tomorrow is April fools day! It really snuck up on me but here is a list of awesome, incredibly easy and harmless pranks you could whip up. My husband would freak over #2 (‘spilled’ nail polish), but we also have teething gel in every room of the house right now, so #3 would be easy too. But seriously, there’s 33 to choose from, so I could prank everyone I know. What about you? Are you an April Foolster? What’s your best prank?


XO Colleen
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    I have been buying the $1.50 daffodil bunches every week when I visit Safeway, love it! I will have to try make mine as pretty as yours. Love having fresh flowers around.


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