Simple Stripes Table Cloth

Love this DIY Simple Stripes Table Cloth! Reminds me of grain sacks.

Happy Friday! I’m really ready for the weekend this week- my Dad is taking the kids for the night tomorrow so Shane and I can have a much needed date. We realized, when we finally looked up from working on the basement suite, that we haven’t been out on a date since our Anniversary! That’s MAY! Every night we’ve been busy working downstairs and now that it’s finally done- we’re hitting the town. But before I sign off for the weekend- I’m sharing my new favourite table cloth (well tied, actually- with my denim one).

DIY Simple Stripes Table Cloth

I made this table cloth for the babies’ first ‘beeday’. If you remember my inspiration post- I love the look of bold stripes on tables- but the backdrop I created for the party was pretty bold, so I decided to tone down the stripes and just give the table a couple. I really like how it’s not just a plain white table cloth- the stripes make it special, but it’s simple enough to use every day. I can’t wait to share their BeeDay Party with you guys! I’m taking so long to post it because I didn’t feel like I had captured the details good enough- so I’ve been recreating a couple things before sharing with you. Does that sound crazy? It does, I know. I’m crazy- I’m sorry. Hopefully you’re crazy just like me and we can just not talk about it.  [Read more...]

House Update: The Basement Suite is Done!!

Junk Room to Basement Suite

Before I start- I’m so sorry I’ve been posting a bit late. I’m pretty sure my Mac is dying a slow death. And slow is the keyword here. I’m looking into getting it fixed but with it being so slow I’m having a hard time getting ahead enough that I’m comfortable being without it for a few days. Any tips on bringing a Macbook Pro back to life? I’d love to hear from you! Anyways- on with the post!

You have no idea how excited I am to be typing this. Our basement suite is finally done! We’ve been working night and day (literally, all nighters) to get our basement suite ready for a family member. We’re so excited to finally cross it off our list. You know by we I mean mostly Shane, right? Just so we’re clear. This is another project we’re so happy with how it turned out. Unfortunately I didn’t get photos of it in it’s finished state empty- we finished it the same afternoon that she moved in! But, she let me sneak in and take some photos of her home this morning (on my phone) so I thought I would share those with you. And really, she’s made it a home already (since Friday!). This has been such a big part of our lives for the past few months I can’t imagine pretending that it didn’t happen.

Should we start with a refresher of the ‘before’? (You can see our whole home tour ‘before’ we got our hands on it here. [Read more...]

My Babies are 1 Year Old!

So here’s my sappy post about my tiny babies being one year old! Yesterday was their first birthday and I just can’t believe it. Time flew by and I honestly can’t remember (already) those little details and expressions they made that I promised myself I’d never forget. Honestly, looking back through the last year’s photos I couldn’t believe how much they have changed already. They’re looking like toddlers to me… not the tiny babies I thought they were. Rambling? I know- I just can’t process it. So anyway- I picked out a photo from each month over the past year to remember their ‘baby’ cuteness. Then, on to the toddler cute!

September- twins [Read more...]

Over Here: DIY Tie Dye Crib Sheets

How fun is this!? DIY Tie Dye Crib Sheets - for Pretty Providence

Guys, I cannot believe this weekend my little babies turn 1! How did time fly by so fast? Next week I’ll do a recap of their first year just because I’m feeling all sentimental like that. But really, the time has gone by much too quickly for me. Plus, they’re almost one and I haven’t even decorated their nursery! I made these felt banners for them but that was IT. Pretty bad, right? So yesterday I was over at Pretty Providence sharing my Tie Dye Crib Sheets- so they finally have a bit more going on in there. I’d love if you came to check it out! My kids love them, they think the colour is something they can play with (like cats with lasers).

Such a fun idea- love it!! DIY Tie Dye Crib Sheets - for Pretty Providence

Oh and an update on my teaching situation? I still can’t get access to the on campus computers (IT is a bit backlogged) so I’ve been doing everything on a memory stick. I left it in one of the office computers last week and had to race back to get it (luckily it was still there) so I decided I needed to label it. I added my name and phone number and THANK GOODNESS because I got a call this morning that someone had found it in my classroom computer. My brain is not used to this! I’m feeling so disorganized guys, but I keep telling myself once our basement reno is done (so close) I’ll get it all together. Wish me luck ;)

DIY Translucent Confetti Packets

So stinkin' fun! DIY Translucent Confetti Packets -

Ah, I’m so in love with this project guys! A couple of my friends have moved back to town to return to University (hurray!) and last weekend I created these little packets for a surprise party to welcome one of them back. When I saw Sarah’s Confetti Invites, I thought the saying was too much fun to not create around. You could do this for any occasion guys, every party is better with a little confetti. And, I’ll share with you my printable template so you can make your own translucent confetti packets in a hurry.

SO CUTE! DIY Translucent Confetti Packets - [Read more...]

DIY Towel Rack from Free Pallet Wood

Awesome video tutorial! DIY Rustic Towel Rack from Free Pallet Wood

Happy Monday! Today I’m sharing how to make a rustic looking towel rack using the pallet wood I showed you how to disassemble last week! I’m really excited about this one- I love the way it turned out. Before I made this, we were hanging our towels over the shower curtain rod (seriously). So not fun. This is my last DIY Video with Shaw TV for a few weeks while we prepare some more for you. That’s right. We’re doing more! So thank you for all the positive feedback and convincing them to have me back. You guys rock :) [Read more...]

Autumn To Do List: A Free Printable

I know the blogosphere has been fall crazy for a couple weeks now, but I was really holding out. The funny thing is- fall is my favourite season. The boots, the scarves and pumpkin spice lattes… not sweating all the time. It’s good, right? So last year before the babies were born, I made a fall to do list to hopefully force myself to remember to take time for myself and intentionally make memories. That post (my first ever printable) has been surprisingly popular, so I thought I’d make a new one for 2014!

This year’s list includes a few more baby-friendly and outdoor activities because I have a better idea of what we’ll be able to make work. Last year we didn’t cross everything off our list since the babies came early. So… ready to see the list?

Love this list! Autumn To Do List -

1. Play in the Leaves: So this needs to happen! I’m pretty sure that Emmitt and Aubrey will go crazy for this, and I’ll go crazy for the photos. So it’s at the top of my list. The rest of the list is in no particular order though.

2. Bake with Pumpkin: Pumpkin screams fall to me! I’ve already had three pumpkin spice lattes and I’m not ashamed of it. Every year I’ve tried a different pumpkin recipe (pumpkin loaf, pumpkin chai loaf, pumpkin scones, pumpkin dump cake…) mostly because I can never remember which recipe I used. This year I’m thinking scones again… because they’re probably the best kind of scone.

3. Fall Photo Shoot: This is for sure happening, because I’ve already booked it (woohoo!!). Troi Crombie is coming to town in November and I seriously can’t wait… official family photos! In case you’ve missed it somehow- Troi took my maternity photos and she is just the best.

4. Visit a Corn Maze: We tried to do this last year, guys. We were at the entrance but the kid wouldn’t let us in. Apparently you need to buy tickets at the other end of the pumpkin patch and this baby-wearing-3-weeks-after-having-twins-momma wasn’t going for that walk again. This year, we know better.

5. Send Thankful Mail: You’re probably catching on that I LOVE snail mail. Thanksgiving is such a great opportunity to send some mail and thank those special people in your life for who they are. Creative ideas are welcome ;)

6. Go Fly a Kite: So I bought my hubby a kite this summer and with our basement reno on overdrive, we haven’t been able to find time to test it out. I haven’t flown a kite since I was a kid!

7. Chili Cookoff: Anyone want in? Chili is not something I make very often, but Shane loves it. So the cooler weather is the perfect excuse to cook some up. Ideally I’d love to do that with friends and have a bit of a cookoff! Now that we have kids (and so do most of our friends) we have to be intentional about getting together with friends and this would be a blast.

8. Bundle up for a Walk: This should be an easy one- we love going for walks and Starbucks is just around the corner. Dangle a pumpkin spice latte in front of me and I’m pretty sure I’ll make the effort to bundle the babies up to get there.

9. Have a Bubble Bath: This one’s wishful. Not only would I need to get time to myself, preferably without little fingers poking under the door to make this worth it, BUT our bathtub sucks. It’s been leaking non stop since we moved in and we’ve had it fixed a few times. Apparently, everything that could leak is going to in that thing. But if it’s fixed- I hope to make it happen!

10. Explore a Pumpkin Patch: We did this last year with newborns and it was so much fun! I really hope we can make it work again this year.

11. Try a new Soup Recipe: I did this last month, and forgot how much I love a good soup! If you have any recipes you’d recommend- let me know!

12. Enjoy a Chai Tea: Since the twins were born I’ve gotten really, really, really in to coffee. I liked it before- but I’m thinking I need to cut back a bit and maybe bring tea back out (I take sugar in my coffee, but not in my tea). Chai is my favourite and is such a fall drink.

13. Read a Book: When the kids were infants (and when I was preggo) I read SO much. It’s been a long time since I read a book and the cooler weather is making me want to curl up with my favourite blanket (that’s the background for the graphic) and get into a good read. Again… suggestions!?

14. Trick or Treat: Again, this must happen! The twins can walk, so I think they’ll have a lot of fun going to knock on doors at grandparents houses to ‘trick or treat’ and show off their costumes.

Get the PDF here.

So help me out guys! Book suggestions and soup/pumpkin recipes are so welcome. And what would you add to your list!?

First Beeday Inspiration

So before I get started, can I share some news? Today is my very first class… teaching that is! I’m so excited I am starting to teach a class at the local university on events. I know I don’t share too much about school or academics (mostly because I’m not in school) but I really love that stuff. I did do a post a while back on my research into Christian Rock Festivals if you’re into that kind of thing. Anyways- wish me luck :)

What a fun theme! First BEEday inspiration

So I know I’ve mentioned once or twice how my babes are almost one year old and how crazy fast the time has gone. But I haven’t mentioned my inspiration for their party yet! I’m pretty excited about it- a Beeday! It took a bit of Pinteresting and tossing ideas at my hubby to find one that we thought was good for a boy and girl and for a first birthday. So here’s what we came up with (and we kinda like how cheesy it is): A First Beeday Party. Get it? Ah, love it. So here’s some of the pins that are inspiring me for their party right now! [Read more...]

How I Disassemble a Pallet

Today I’m sharing my third Video DIY- how to disassemble a pallet for free project wood (without killing yourself). I know, I know- it’s not the most fun DIY, but it’s gotta get done to get to the fun part! I’ve been asked how I disassemble a pallet more than anything else- by friends (if you walk by the side of my house, I’ve got a few waiting for the treatment) or by readers after my Canadian Flag and Giant Party Chalkboard.

How to disassemble a pallet without killing yourself! SO Helpful! [Read more...]

DIY Vintage Story Book Baby Shower

Love this super cute baby shower idea! Everyone brings a book instead of a card- such a great way to build a baby library!

Happy Friday! I’m so looking forward to this weekend, we’re going to be painting and laying floors and building a kitchen in our basement. Fun, right? After drywalling for weeks- you bet it is! This is the part where it all comes together, it’s definitely exciting. But before I run downstairs to get started, I want to share with you this super sweet DIY Vintage Story Book Baby Shower we threw for my nephew. He’s actually almost two years old now- he has the same birthday as my little babes. Even though it’s been a while, this is still one of my favourite showers we’ve thrown yet. Love this super cute baby shower idea! I love the book pages as a table runner [Read more...]