April Tech Wallpapers – Free Downloads

March sped by this year, we are officially in spring up here (I’m sorry to those of you who still have snow!), so I was inspired to make the April tech wallpaper a bit sunny- it’s what I’ve been dreaming of. This photo is from a camping trip we took a few years back. We found this fabulous field full of daisies- I would love to go back, but it’s quite a drive with babies!

The quote for this month is really good year round- ‘Life is Now’. It’s such a timely reminder when we can get so wrapped up in what we’re doing that we forget to really reflect and ENJOY what the heck we’re so busy with! I’ve read a lot lately about stopping the glorification of busy (don’t you love that?) and with things picking up around here, there’s more work for me, but no more hours in the day. I’m finding I need to remind myself to get outside, get moving, and just enjoy!

Oh, before the download- I thought this would be a good post to mention that I was over at Wren Bird Arts doing an interview about self care. What? I know, it’s totally different for me- but I loved the questions she was asking about time management, and balancing work and life. If you’d like to know a bit more about me and what I do (other than craft for you all), hop over and take a read!

Free Downloadable Tech Wallpapers- for Phone, Tablet, and Desktop!

Alright- enough small talk- here’s the goods! Just click the linked words to download the background/wallpaper of your choosing. [Read more…]

$300 Pottery Barn Giveaway

Hello my dear lovely readers… I’m popping today to help my friend Emily celebrate her 1st blog birthday! I’m so happy to help her celebrate- If you haven’t checked out Table and Hearth, I’d definitely encourage you to! She’s such a sweet girl, I’m sure you’ll fall in love with her. PLUS, right now she’s having a week of giveaways to celebrate her birthday- so it’s well worth your time.

Enter to win a $300 Pottery Barn gift card just in time for spring!

Enter to win a $300 Pottery Barn gift card just in time for spring!

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Alright, alright- now to the GOODS! Here’s how to enter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

ENTRANTS IN CANADA: Pottery Barn egift cards can only be used in the US. Physical gift cards can only be used in stores in Canada, not on the website. If the winner is in Canada, they will receive a physical gift card. Should the winner be unable to use the card at Pottery Barn store, they will have the choice of three substitute prize options. Email tableandhearthblog (at) gmail (dot) com with inquiries regarding this issue before entering. GIVEAWAY RULES: The giveaway has been sponsored by the blogs listed and hosted by Table & Hearth. No purchase necessary. Giveaway ends at 05:00 AM CST on April 4, 2015. All entrants must provide a valid e-mail address and be 18 years old. The giveaway is open to residents of the United States and Canada (see above). One lucky winner will be randomly chosen from among the entrants within 48 hours and notified via e-mail. The winner has 48 hours to respond via e-mail to claim the prize or another winner will be selected. The egift card will be delivered to the winner via email within 48 hours after verification. Family members of Table & Hearth or the sponsoring blogs are not eligible to win. Odds of winning depend on the number of entrants. Please read the complete terms and conditions on the Rafflecopter form. If you have any questions, please contact us at tableandhearthblog (at) gmail (dot) com before entering the giveaway. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED BY LAW.


Good Luck, friends!

Doily Place Settings

DIY Handlettered Doily Place Settings- such a gorgeous (and affordable!) tablescape

So, I’m sure you’ve heard the terrible, no good news… Target Canada is closing all their stores, we officially have until early next week and then it’s gone for good. *sigh* it was a good run. Of course I’ve been closely monitoring all their sales (who isn’t?) and last week I snagged these clear plastic party plates- ummm awesome! I have been watching the price drop on the glass clear plates they have as well- but couldn’t justify the price tag (even reduced) when I’d only use them for parties. Finding these felt like a win. Why did I want them so badly? THIS is why. You can put anything underneath them and have a perfectly themed tablescape! I am using these doily place settings for a little party I’m throwing next weekend, but I couldn’t wait ’til then to test them out. So I started lettering the ‘place card’ doilies a bit early and set them up just to satisfy my need to see them in action.

DIY Handlettered Doily Place Settings- such a gorgeous (and affordable!) tablescape

DIY Handlettered Doily Place Settings- such a gorgeous (and affordable!) tablescape

Want to hear the best part about this whole table setting? [Read more…]

DIY Moss Framed Chalkboard

DIY Moss Framed Chalkboard- such a cool idea!

Do you ever have an idea, and you’re unsure of how it will turn out, so you hold off making it just incase you end up wasting the supplies? That was this Moss Framed Chalkboard- but am I ever glad that I went ahead with it! It was a bit of an experiment, I wasn’t too sure how it would all hold together, but It was so worth it! I love the spring feel it gives to our kitchen, and it’s nice to have a chalkboard that we can change the words whenever we feel. We are actually being non-commital on painting a chalkboard on our kitchen wall- so this is a taste without the permanency.

Before I share the DIY… can I share some exciting news? Thanks, I knew you wouldn’t mind. Look over there —> in my sidebar… see something new? Yeah! That’s right! I’m busy putting final touches on a Workbook and Video package that will be launching sooooon and I couldn’t be more excited/nervous! I’m talking all about idea generation and how to make it a part of your daily life. One of the strategies I include in there is working what you have- your ‘Stash’ if you will. That’s what this project’s all about, want to hear the story?

DIY Moss Framed Chalkboard- such a cool idea!

DIY Moss Framed Chalkboard- such a cool idea!

I was looking in my pile of bits and pieces and knew I wanted to use up some of the moss left over from Ashton’s Moss Placemats from our Saint Patrick’s Day Party. It was sitting right beside the chalkboard paint (serendipity!) and I couldn’t shake it. I just needed a way to put it together. We are also working on getting pictures up on our walls, so we have a stack of picture frames in our bedroom right now. SO I was taking down my Saint Patrick’s Day decor and as I was bringing the frame from my St. Pat’s Golden Quotes back to the pile in my bedroom… I realized the mat would be PERFECT for this project. But then I questioned myself and put it down. But I couldn’t shake it. We NEED photo frames right now to fill with photos- I’d hate to wreck a perfectly good frame with this experiment. Want to know the silliest part about my fear? This frame is from the Dollar Store. It cost me a measly $3 and I was afraid to wreck it. Anywho- I’ll stop my blabbering, clearly- I took the risk and it paid off big time!

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own Moss Framed Chalkboard:

[Read more…]

DIY Exposed Zipper Pouch (from tea towels!)


DIY Exposed Zipper Pouch (made out of a tea towel!) I love the combination.

I’m slowly sharing the backload of projects I’ve created for some wonderful sites out there (and somehow forgot to share with you lovely readers!). This DIY exposed zipper pouch (my first ever zipper!) was created for the lovely ladies at Pretty Providence, and even though it’s been months- I’m still using this guy on the daily for my makeup. It’s the best. I love the bright blue and almost left it on the counter when I was shooting my bathroom reveal- but my hubby told me I needed to take it off the counter for photos. But now you know, it’s always there… my counter isn’t that neat and clean all the time (I’m sure you thought it was spotless on the regular, and now you think less of me).

This DIY involves a bit of sewing (I’m sorry non- sewers!) but is SO worth it. This little pouch was made for under $5 and would make a great gift… but once you make it you won’t want to give it away, I’m sure! By using tea towels, you’re able to get a fun print (mine are from Target and were on clearance!) without paying the price for trendy fabric. Plus- tea towels hold up to a beating and wash well. Win, Win!

DIY Exposed Zipper Pouch (made out of a tea towel!) I love the combination.

DIY Exposed Zipper Pouch (made out of a tea towel!) I love the combination.

In the fall I was teaching at the University and found myself toting around lots of loose markers and pens and everything in between. I had a pencil case that I didn’t love, but the amount of stuff I found I had to carry didn’t even fit in that. Since I did most of my work from home, I wanted to have something that was easy to grab when I headed out the door- that’s why I created this. But what if you’re not a super nerd and don’t need a big pencil case, Colleen? Well- now that I have the semester off, I’m using it as a make-up tote and it’s the perfect size to fit some of those bigger make up pieces I want to have every day- without getting a ginormous bag. The best part is since it’s made of tea towels, I know it will hold up well in the wash.

I should tell you that I’m no expert seamstress. In fact, I’m a corner-cutting semi-beginner. This is the first zipper I’ve ever sewn without my grandma’s help. So if I can do it and you’ve used a sewing machine before- I’m betting you can too! So what do you need to get started? Since sewing this, I’ve learned so much more about zippers and wrote this post and gave tooons of tips on sewing zippers… so you should probably check that out if your’e scared of them! [Read more…]

Cheaters Easter Egg Chocolate Mousse

Oh, friends- I have a treat for you today (pun intended). When I had my reader survey this year, you spoke up and asked for more recipes. I’m thrilled to introduce the newest contributor to Lemon Thistle- Meet Kirsten from Treat Yourself Sweeter! She’ll be popping in once a month with a recipe for you all, give her some love for me- will ya? You’re the best :)

Cheaters Easter Egg Chocolate Mousse- YUM!

I am excited!

Excited to be here! I do know JUST how cheesy that sounds, but it is true.

Why? Because it means that someone is actually reading my own little haven (my blog) Treat Yourself Sweeter.

The day I got the email from Colleen asking if I wanted to contribute to Lemon Thistle, I was genuinely shocked. I know my recipes are great (I mean, I eat them all the time!) but… people were actually reading my words too. I loved that.

So, who am I?

Kirsten; a teacher, blogger, pet lover and small business owner. Life is oh so busy! But in a good way.
I love chocolate, peanut butter and if they are together (and you add banana) there is no way I can say no- I actually just thought of a new recipe from that sentence…. Mmmm watch this space.

I actually eat pretty (very) healthy most days, but bad days and weekends call for some treats :) like this… Who doesn’t love Easter?! Here down in the southern part of the world, we are in Autumn… the hot Australian sun is getting lower in the sky, the days are getting shorter, colder… and my favourite, the leaves are changing colour!

Cheaters Easter Egg Chocolate Mousse- YUM! [Read more…]