Use those Easter Eggs!

Happy after-Easter! I had a wonderful weekend (we took the Sunday off renovations) relaxing with my family and remembering what Christ has done for us. We took the twins to the park and S got to push them on the swings- even though it was super windy, they had a blast. Then we headed over to my inlaws for an egg hunt (mine watched, of course) and shared a family dinner. Look how much they LOVE the swings!

On the topic of Easter- I completely love the way The Lovely Root addressed Easter and what it means for her (and me!). Check it out if you like, she has a way with words. Anyways, today I thought I would share 11 delicious recipes to use up those Easter Eggs (I know I’m a bit tired of egg salad). I’ve got classic recipes and some things that are a little bit different. But not so out there that you question that I’m serious (I’m looking at you, chocolate chip cookies).

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DIY Black and Gold Mini Easter Egg Garland

I was going to title this Cheap to Chic- but I’m not sure if anyone uses that word anymore? Or if this even qualifies as chic. But it definitely was cheap! I headed to the dollar store to get plastic eggs to make a garland (as I’ve noticed on Pinterest this year) when I saw this mini version- already assembled for me! One dollar later I had this tacky garland home and ready to paint. I’ve found some cute chalkboard egg tutorials as well, but haven’t seen it translated to a garland. I love the idea, but I’m still loving metallics (will I ever get over this?).

DIY Black and Gold Mini Easter Egg Garland -

DIY Black and Gold Mini Easter Egg Garland -

So, I used chalkboard paint because I love the flat look to the paint, and the coverage is good too. But then I added some gold with a fine tip paint pen to give my metallic love some satisfaction. It took three quick coats of chalkboard paint to get the colours covered, but didn’t take too long (other than dry time) to get it finished.

DIY Black and Gold Mini Easter Egg Garland - [Read more...]

Pastel Marbled Easter Eggs

So, Easter snuck up on me! I was so busy stuffing my face with grilled cheese sandwiches that I didn’t realize it is HERE already. I wanted to do some Easter DIYs and thought eggs are the best Easter DIY out there.

DIY Pastel Marbled Easter Eggs - [Read more...]

Sweet Apple, Maple Bacon & Brie Grilled Cheese

I mentioned earlier this week that it’s national grilled cheese month (I imagine in the US, but Amy made a good point- we should get to celebrate their fun holidays too). So now that I’ve rounded up the most delicious sounding grilled cheeses on the web, I made one of my own. Meet the tastiest little thing I’ve made in a while: Sweet Apple, Maple Bacon, and Brie Grilled Cheese on French Loaf. Yum.

Apple Brie Bacon Grilled

Sweet Apple Maple Bacon and Brie Grilled Cheese - [Read more...]

A Cheesy Round-Up: Grilled

If you haven’t been inundated with ooey-gooey grilled cheese goodness this past week, you’re about to. That’s because it’s Grilled Cheese Month! What’s more, it’s Grilled Cheese Day on Saturday… so while I’m not going to devote all of April to grilled cheese making (although BS’in the Kitchen did last year and I’m forever grateful), you’ve got two coming at you this week. First (today) I’m rounding up all the most delicious looking grilled cheese recipes on the web, then later this week I’m going to share one of my own. (I did the same thing with PB recipes earlier this year)Grilled Cheese Savoury -

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Kitchen Inspiration

Good Morning! I have been wanting to do a post on my inspiration for our new place, and figured room by room is the best way to do that! We have been doing the most work on our kitchen (it’s a gut job friends). So at the moment I’m most excited about seeing how it turns out. Before everything that’s inspiring me… here’s a sneak peak from mine and Shane’s Instagram as to what we’ve done so far. You can see the ‘before’ here.

Progress… hey?! Anyways. Onto the goods.

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Super Speedy Daffodil Arrangement

I’m taking a break from drywall dust to bring you something pretty. But first, can I brag that I framed a wall last week!? Well, I made a wall a few feet longer, but power tools and all- I felt pretty tough. DIY Spring Daffodil Arrangement - lemonthistle.comSticking with my last-minute tradition, here is my March DIY Floral arrangement. If you’ve been reading for a bit, you’ll know I challenged myself to DIY an arrangement each month with supermarket flowers. I love that I can bring some floral cheer into my home for next to nothing and to make it more fun- I’m using the flowers associated with each month. You can find January here and both February arrangements here and here.

March Floral -

March is very springy: Daffodils! Bunches were on sale at my local grocery store for $1.49 a bunch, so five bunches rang in at less than ten bucks. Using a glass decanter and ribbon I had on hand, this arrangement came together in a snap. So here’s the super easy steps to get your own DIY spring centerpiece.

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Our New Home- The Before

So here’s what I’ve been up to! We are so excited to have *finally* bought our new home. We’re over a week into the renos and have another 6 weeks or so to go. I thought I’d share some of the before photos with you so you can see what we’re working with! I’m hoping to update you with progress as we go. Just to preface- these photos were snapped during inspection- the stuff isn’t ours, but the house had been vacant for about six months prior to this.

*Drum roll* The outside (and a very poor exhibit of photography skills):

Before- Outside -

And now for the inside, check out our hardwood floors! I love the border detailing in the living area. Under that carpet is more hardwood (yay!). The hardwood has some water and wear damage so we’re sanding it down to refinish it before we move in. I’m hoping to get a bit less of a golden colour. [Read more...]

DIY Spring Iris Arrangement

DIY Spring Iris Arrangement -

I told ya it was coming! Irises are one of the flowers for February I wanted to tackle arranging. I know, I know- I’m late. But better late than never, no?

DIY Spring Iris Arrangement -

Growing up, we always had irises in our garden. They always remind me of spring. Between the grasses and the soil, this arrangement gets me itching for spring too. I’ve got a few quick steps for you to make your own centerpiece out of irises, plus I couldn’t find a container I loved for the arrangement, so I’m going to show you how I made one! [Read more...]

Send Some Lucky Mail

Before I jump in-this has been such a big week for us! Not only are Emmitt and Aubrey 6 months old now (half a year already?), but we got keys to our new home! We’ve been waiting so long for this guys, we sold our place back in November. So prepare yourself for lots of home projects because our place is a ‘handyman’s special’. But everything is original, so we know what we’re working with- it’s just so dated that it’s not even functional. With that in mind- I’ll probably be a bit absentee while we’re getting our hands dirty with renovations (we’ve got about two months of evenings and weekends working in there before moving in). But we’ve got big plans for the place so I’ll keep you in the loop.

But today I’m bringing you some free snail mail printables from around the web! I had this all prepped and ready to post but somehow I scheduled it for May!? So I’d planned to get this to you with enough time to mail to your friends, instead we’ll call it a recap- the ‘best of’ St Patricks 2014. Deal? So here’s some of my favourite printables or mail-friendly ideas I’ve been loving for St. Patty’s day.

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