10 Minute Fool-Proof Manicure

10 Minute Fool Proof Manicure... I love that I don't have to go near my cuticles!

I don’t post much beauty or fashion on Lemon Thistle, mostly because I just don’t have time for that since kiddos. But every once in a while I get asked ‘how’d you do that?’ or ‘what do you do for…?’ enough times that I feel like it’s worth sharing. So here goes my first ever mani tutorial! It’s the easiest ever, and takes only 10 minutes start to finish- because, seriously, what mom has time for more? This is the perfect fool-proof manicure to give yourself as you run out the door to a wedding (speaking from experience) and is great if you’re not confident painting your nails because I’ve taken all the tricky parts out of it (you don’t even have to go near your cuticles with colour!).

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DIY Dip Drip Dye Tea Towel

DIY Dip Drip Dye Tea Towel... I love how organic this looks compared to normal dip dye!

Dip Drip? Yep, because sometimes an accident turns out to be a wonderful thing. As I’m sure you’ve picked up by now… I’m loving the dip dye trend, and looking to add it wherever the heck possible in my life. I had a few grain sack tea towels leftover from a past project and decided they needed a dose of dip dye love and the drippy organic look of this one has stolen my heart. Now I want to go and replace every single tea towel I own with these guys, but we’re busy spending our money on other things right now… on a mini-van! What!? I know, we were planning to wait until closer to our due date but we got too excited. And got a deal, and you know… things moved quickly. So I only get a couple tea towels for now, and I’ll survive ;) And as for my little announcement on Friday? You guys are the BEST readers and friends out there. Thank you for all the love and encouragement!

Okay, so down to the how-to? You don’t have to tell me twice. To make your own dip drip dye tea towel, you’ll need:

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Around Here: Big Things!

I’ve been waiting a few months to write this post, you guys. Anyone who has seen me recently probably knows by now (because, well… it’s obvious) that we’re excited to be expecting our third babe! We are due in late December, which feels SO far away, but I know it will come before we have a chance to prepare. That puts me at 18 weeks along and thankfully through most of the nausea and un-fun things like that. But I’m still insanely tired and am kind of missing bedrest (like I was put on my first pregnancy) because I had an excuse to sit and do absolutely nothing all day. But I am super thankful that everything is going smoothly this time around. The only thing that’s a challenge is dressing my darn bump because it has been out there for a couple months now! We found out a couple days before I headed to SNAP and in the airport while I was travelling there I had strangers comment on it… seriously (guys, I was like 4 weeks then… or so doctors say!). We hadn’t even told our parents! I guess it’s true that the second pregnancy you show much, much faster. The past few weeks it’s been such a treat to switch to maternity shirts that show off the bump instead of trying to hide it.

Life Lately... baby number 3!

The twins don’t seem to totally understand yet, but they have plenty of time. They do like to pull my shirt up to give the baby kisses though, which makes my heart crazy happy. Aubrey keeps telling us it’s a brother (although I’m pretty sure it’s because we’ve told her she’s the sister, so she doesn’t think there can be another one), but Emmitt just laughs and says baby when we ask him. Any suggestions you all have on prepping two year olds for a new baby… I’m all ears ;)

Life Lately... baby number 3!

Life Lately... baby number 3!

Other than the baby bump, we’ve been busy this summer! We took our first long road trip since the kids have been… active? We drove 8 hours to celebrate my sister’s university grad (woohoo!!) and survived with lots of stops along the way. You can see the little party we threw her here. We finished building a deck in our backyard (another woohoo!) and by we I mean Shane, because I haven’t been very helpful on the renovation front lately. I have a couple more projects to do on the deck before we share it with you but let me tell you… it’s awesome. We took out the only door to the back yard from our space when we renovated our kitchen last year and since have been accessing the backyard by going downstairs, out the front door, and around the house. I’m so enjoying opening up a back door and letting the wild toddlers run free instead. We’re also gearing up to go camping with family and since it’s been a year… I totally forgot how. much. stuff. kids need when camping. It’s insane, I kind of wish we had a mini van just to fit all the stuff.

Life Lately... baby number 3!

Anywhoo… that’s all there is for you today! I’m off to pack for camping. One of these days I’ll get a picture of all four of us with this bump but for the life of me I haven’t been able to remember. I’m confident baby brain is a real thing and with each pregnancy you lose more of your mind. Anyone with me? So instead, these cute pictures of the babes and a photo of the bump from a wedding last weekend will have to do. Enjoy your weekend, friends!

The Best DIY Open Shelves from Bloggers

Now that I’ve finished my second set of open shelving in this house (don’t think I’m stopping there, by the way!), I think it’s safe to say that I’m a fan. And an advocate. They’re just SO functional. And pretty to boot. So I thought I’d feed the addiction a little bit while I plan my next ones with a round up of my favourite DIY Open Shelves from bloggers. What do you say? You’re crazy like me and don’t mind? I was hoping so!

8 Best DIY Open Shelves

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Reader Room Refresh: A Breezy Bedroom

Happy Monday, friends! I’m so excited to be introducing a brand spanking new series to you all that involves my favourite people out there- YOU! I’ve had some of you ask if I do reader designs and I’ve always answered no, BUT I thought- ‘what the heck?’ I love designing spaces and there’s only so many spaces in my own home left to design. SO I’m changing my answer to a big ol’ YES! Once a month I’ll be taking one of your spaces and giving you a plan to refresh your space- including a budget (because, I live by one I assume you do too!). There’s more details on how to get involved below but for now- let’s look at this Breezy Bedroom!

A Breezy Bedroom Design

This month, I’m sharing this Breezy Bedroom for my friend Kala from The Breezy Room. She’s been leaving sweet comments forever and when she mentioned they were moving into a new place that would need some inspiration, I asked if she’d be my test refresh. She said yes, and even though the refresh isn’t done on her end yet, I can’t wait for you to see how big of a difference some of these small changes have made! Let’s look at some ‘before’ photos, shall we?

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Raw Vegan Key Lime Pie In A Jar

Guys! I’m so excited to introduce to you Lemon Thistle’s newest delicious contributor! Megan creates crazy awesome recipes and serves them up in the cutest mason jars. How can you top that? She’ll be sharing a recipe here for us once a month! Give her a super warm welcome for me, will ya? Also, on the topic of contributors, I’m on the look out for a couple new contributors (think DIY, Party and Home) to start in August or September. If you know of anyone who might be interested, pass it along! 


Simple, decadent, and only 7 ingredients, this Raw Vegan Key Lime Pie In A Jar is the perfect sweet tooth fix without the guilt. 

Hi friends! My name is Megan and I’m the blogger behind straightfromthejar.com. SFTJ is dedicated to creating healthy and wholesome recipes using mason jars! Crazy, right? I doubt you’ll think so after you try this fun recipe for Raw Vegan Key Lime Pie In A Jar!

Raw Vegan Key Lime Pie In A Jar

So, because I’m super excited to be contributing to Lemon Thistle, I had to save this recipe for this post. This one is an absolute favourite in my home, because it’s simple, decadent, and so so delicious!

These little key lime pies are perfect for serving  at a dinner party or for keeping in your freezer when you need a quick sweet tooth fix. And how cute are they? Who doesn’t want to eat pie out of a mason jar? I vote that it’s so much better when you can feel like you’re eating the whole thing rather than only having a slice, am I right?

Raw Vegan Key Lime Pie In A Jar

What I love most about this recipe is that it’s put together using only 7 healthy ingredients, including almond meal, cashews, and coconut oil. Whaaaat? Stay with me. I promise it’s good.

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