#thankfulmail Challenge and Printable!

Guys! I’m so excited for this post today. Today, I’m challenging you to join me on a challenge I created for myself- to send mail to those you are thankful for each week in October. I’m calling it #thankfulmail and I’m going to share my progress with you on social media (Twitter and Instagram). I’d love if you played along!

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BeeDay Backdrop and Invite: Free Printable

DIY First Beeday Party

It’s turning out to bee a very bumble-bee-ee week. (Man, do you find me as funny as I find myself?!) First the Beeday Party, then the Bumble Bee Marshmallow Pops… I swear I do post things other than parties if you’re new. Today I’m bundling the back drop DIY (because it’s so easy, I couldn’t fill a whole post with the explanation) and the invite freebie is only one image, and I have a hard time hitting publish on a one image post. So that’s the why, now let’s get on with it!

I’ve updated the Beeday Invite (probably my favourite invite that I’ve ever made) with spaces for you to write or type in your own party information because I’m guessing you don’t have children named Emmitt and Aubrey that are turning one. Here’s what it looks like now:

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Giant Bumble Bee Marshmallow Pops

DIY Giant Bumble Bee Marshmallow Pops

Do you ever plan something, thinking it will be just okay, then it turns out better than okay? Like, really really good. That was these marshmallows. I love the look of cake pops at parties, but I certainly don’t have the time/patience to make those. The alternative? Marshmallows! They look cute on sticks and have you seen those GIANT marshmallows you can get now? I picked up a bag, imagining these cute, perfectly round marshmallow pops only to open the bag up and realize they are definitely a little squished. Disappointed, I considered trashing the whole idea but after staring at them (frustrated… for longer than I’d care to admit) I realized they kind of look like a bee’s body. So I ran with it. And I’m happy I did. [Read more...]

It’s a First Beeday Party!

Such a fun theme! DIY First Beeday Party

It’s a Bee-day! I’ve already shared with you my sappy heart about my babies turning one, and I’ve shared with you the inspiration for their birthday… so what’s left but the party!? This past weekend we invited some close friends and family to celebrate with us. We took the bumble bee theme and ran with it, and I love how it turned out! I’ve talked before about how bad I am at taking pictures at parties (I just want to party!), so this time I didn’t even bother. I commissioned my Dad to take all the photos so I could focus on my babes. So all the pictures at the party are his- now you know. [Read more...]

Simple Stripes Table Cloth

Love this DIY Simple Stripes Table Cloth! Reminds me of grain sacks.

Happy Friday! I’m really ready for the weekend this week- my Dad is taking the kids for the night tomorrow so Shane and I can have a much needed date. We realized, when we finally looked up from working on the basement suite, that we haven’t been out on a date since our Anniversary! That’s MAY! Every night we’ve been busy working downstairs and now that it’s finally done- we’re hitting the town. But before I sign off for the weekend- I’m sharing my new favourite table cloth (well tied, actually- with my denim one).

DIY Simple Stripes Table Cloth

I made this table cloth for the babies’ first ‘beeday’. If you remember my inspiration post- I love the look of bold stripes on tables- but the backdrop I created for the party was pretty bold, so I decided to tone down the stripes and just give the table a couple. I really like how it’s not just a plain white table cloth- the stripes make it special, but it’s simple enough to use every day. I can’t wait to share their BeeDay Party with you guys! I’m taking so long to post it because I didn’t feel like I had captured the details good enough- so I’ve been recreating a couple things before sharing with you. Does that sound crazy? It does, I know. I’m crazy- I’m sorry. Hopefully you’re crazy just like me and we can just not talk about it.  [Read more...]

House Update: The Basement Suite is Done!!

Junk Room to Basement Suite

Before I start- I’m so sorry I’ve been posting a bit late. I’m pretty sure my Mac is dying a slow death. And slow is the keyword here. I’m looking into getting it fixed but with it being so slow I’m having a hard time getting ahead enough that I’m comfortable being without it for a few days. Any tips on bringing a Macbook Pro back to life? I’d love to hear from you! Anyways- on with the post!

You have no idea how excited I am to be typing this. Our basement suite is finally done! We’ve been working night and day (literally, all nighters) to get our basement suite ready for a family member. We’re so excited to finally cross it off our list. You know by we I mean mostly Shane, right? Just so we’re clear. This is another project we’re so happy with how it turned out. Unfortunately I didn’t get photos of it in it’s finished state empty- we finished it the same afternoon that she moved in! But, she let me sneak in and take some photos of her home this morning (on my phone) so I thought I would share those with you. And really, she’s made it a home already (since Friday!). This has been such a big part of our lives for the past few months I can’t imagine pretending that it didn’t happen.

Should we start with a refresher of the ‘before’? (You can see our whole home tour ‘before’ we got our hands on it here. [Read more...]

My Babies are 1 Year Old!

So here’s my sappy post about my tiny babies being one year old! Yesterday was their first birthday and I just can’t believe it. Time flew by and I honestly can’t remember (already) those little details and expressions they made that I promised myself I’d never forget. Honestly, looking back through the last year’s photos I couldn’t believe how much they have changed already. They’re looking like toddlers to me… not the tiny babies I thought they were. Rambling? I know- I just can’t process it. So anyway- I picked out a photo from each month over the past year to remember their ‘baby’ cuteness. Then, on to the toddler cute!

September- twins [Read more...]

Over Here: DIY Tie Dye Crib Sheets

How fun is this!? DIY Tie Dye Crib Sheets - lemonthistle.com for Pretty Providence

Guys, I cannot believe this weekend my little babies turn 1! How did time fly by so fast? Next week I’ll do a recap of their first year just because I’m feeling all sentimental like that. But really, the time has gone by much too quickly for me. Plus, they’re almost one and I haven’t even decorated their nursery! I made these felt banners for them but that was IT. Pretty bad, right? So yesterday I was over at Pretty Providence sharing my Tie Dye Crib Sheets- so they finally have a bit more going on in there. I’d love if you came to check it out! My kids love them, they think the colour is something they can play with (like cats with lasers).

Such a fun idea- love it!! DIY Tie Dye Crib Sheets - lemonthistle.com for Pretty Providence

Oh and an update on my teaching situation? I still can’t get access to the on campus computers (IT is a bit backlogged) so I’ve been doing everything on a memory stick. I left it in one of the office computers last week and had to race back to get it (luckily it was still there) so I decided I needed to label it. I added my name and phone number and THANK GOODNESS because I got a call this morning that someone had found it in my classroom computer. My brain is not used to this! I’m feeling so disorganized guys, but I keep telling myself once our basement reno is done (so close) I’ll get it all together. Wish me luck ;)

DIY Translucent Confetti Packets

So stinkin' fun! DIY Translucent Confetti Packets - lemonthistle.com

Ah, I’m so in love with this project guys! A couple of my friends have moved back to town to return to University (hurray!) and last weekend I created these little packets for a surprise party to welcome one of them back. When I saw Sarah’s Confetti Invites, I thought the saying was too much fun to not create around. You could do this for any occasion guys, every party is better with a little confetti. And, I’ll share with you my printable template so you can make your own translucent confetti packets in a hurry.

SO CUTE! DIY Translucent Confetti Packets - lemonthistle.com [Read more...]

DIY Towel Rack from Free Pallet Wood

Awesome video tutorial! DIY Rustic Towel Rack from Free Pallet Wood

Happy Monday! Today I’m sharing how to make a rustic looking towel rack using the pallet wood I showed you how to disassemble last week! I’m really excited about this one- I love the way it turned out. Before I made this, we were hanging our towels over the shower curtain rod (seriously). So not fun. This is my last DIY Video with Shaw TV for a few weeks while we prepare some more for you. That’s right. We’re doing more! So thank you for all the positive feedback and convincing them to have me back. You guys rock :) [Read more...]