Creamy Lime Watermelon Cake


Creamy Lime Watermelon Cake -

Before I share with you this super yummy recipe (if you can even call it that, it’s so darn easy) can we have a quick coffee date/ girl talk sesh? That’d be awesome, because I feel like there’s been a lot of lemons this week and not so much lemonade. #reallife Our little town made national news because of a crazy rain storm and flash flooding. Since we’re in the middle of replacing our windows and hadn’t trimmed them out yet, our basement took a bath. So instead of framing last night, we were saving stacks of baseboards on sawhorses and tossing all the towels and blankets we own on the floor to try soak up the water. We were already behind schedule to get our suite done. Speaking of floods, our bathtub started leaking again tonight. And today our fridge stopped working… but it started again. But only after I spent two hours on the phone trying to get a service call on warranty. And I’ve spent three nights scrubbing the haze off our kitchen backsplash and am only about 1/3 of the way done. Top that off with not much sleep because my little man has been teething to the max? I don’t mean to be a downer but I’m feeling a bit worn down.

We’re also in the midst of some big changes. We’re moving churches for the first time since before Shane and I met- which is a great thing, it’s time for us- but it’s overwhelming. Plus I’ve got less than two months before I need to either go back to work or figure out some kind of income from home. Maternity leave is so close to being up. I’ve been a bit of a basket case. Having this little blog as an outlet to take my mind off things, and focus on the awesome crafty things I want to do with my spare time has been a huge help though. So thank you for reading and being so encouraging. Seriously, you rock.

Now, on with the sweet stuff! This watermelon looks like a cake (which every party needs), but is such a refreshing treat in the summer heat. I’d seen this recipe for a watermelon cake on Pinterest and was taken with the idea. When we decided we were going to do cakeballs for the Fiesta instead of a cake, I thought this is the perfect sub! The funny thing is everyone thought it was cake until I cut into it- it’s a tricky one. I followed the tutorial on how to cut my watermelon, but decided my ‘icing’ needed a bit of something something. That’s really what this post is about- I’m sure you can figure out the watermelon bit on your own. (Cut the ends off then cut the rind off like a cylinder. And as for process photos- I didn’t take any because I really hadn’t planned on posting this. I just had SO many favourable reviews on this ‘cake’ that I couldn’t keep it from you. So I hope you’ll forgive me once you try it out. [Read more...]

DIY Hoop Mirror: Anthro Knockoff

I’ve had this project floating around in the back of my mind for quite a while. I’d pinned this Anthropologie hoop mirror, but couldn’t justify the price tag of almost $200! Last week when Kayla posted the Look 4 Less Challenge and invited everyone to participate, I knew this was the perfect project to take on. I showed my hubby a few photos of pricy things I thought we could knock off and how I thought we could do it… and this was by far his favourite. So being the best husband ever, he helped me pack up the kids and took us to Michaels for our embroidery hoop, then called up a glass cutter he’d known from his days as a service manager to get the mirror cut for me. He pretty much did all the leg work for me- so while I did all the crafting, this one was definitely a team effort.

DIY Hoop Mirror: An Anthro Knockoff! [Read more...]

Fiesta! A Super-fun Baby Shower

I’m so happy with how my sister-in-law’s shower came together for this weekend! She is the best new mom ever- suggesting margaritas at a baby shower? How cool is that!? We may have taken her suggestion and ran with it. Remember our inspiration? It came to life in all the best ways.

A Fiesta Baby Shower! -

We harnessed the fiesta and brought out the cacti, enchilada sauce tins, colourful blankets and even the tequila. Is that taboo at a baby shower? It was tasteful, I promise. There are so many details for this shower I’d love to share and I’ve put a lot of thought into the best way to share them… and came up empty. So we’re going to just follow along with the pictures… shall we? [Read more...]

Design Tutorial- Make Your Own Favour Tags

Last week when I told you about how I do hay bale seating on a budget, I promised you I’d show you how to make these S’more Love tags. I’ve been putting it off in hopes that I’d get some photos from the wedding to show you how beautiful they looked in action, but we’re not having luck in the ‘photography getting done quickly’ department.

Design your own favour tags! (Using no expensive programs!)

This design tutorial really can be used to make anything design-y (technical term) without dropping a cent on fancy programs. I do use the Adobe programs for more complicated things and for my photo editing, but this time I used all online free software and so that’s what I’m sharing today. I also made some game cards for the shower I’m hosting this weekend using the same resources (inspiration here) and I’ll be sharing those as a freebie later this month. What I’m getting at is there’s free programs to do pretty much anything. I will warn you that this post got a bit wordy on me- but it really is simple to do. [Read more...]

DIY Open Shelving for our Kitchen!

Ooh our kitchen is almost done! I can’t wait to share it here and don’t know why I haven’t been posting more updates. We’ve been using our kitchen for a couple months now, but the finishing touches are finally in the works. A while back, we installed these open shelves above our dishwasher and I couldn’t be happier with them! They took way longer to get on the wall than we expected because of DIY’er error… or DIY’er ‘didn’t think ahead’. Speaking of didn’t think ahead… I didn’t get any nice styled photos of the shelves since the night we put them up (so you get this functional, but not totally tweaked photo) because our kitchen has been a work zone! I’m talking back splash, friends… if you’re following along on Instagram you might have seen a sneak peak and it really is coming together so well!

DIY Open Shelving - Ikea hack -

When we were planning the kitchen, my original dream was ALL open shelving instead of upper cabinets. My ever-logical hubby talked me out of it because no one wants to see everything we keep in those cupboards. Plus, for space- we needed an over the range microwave. There was no way around it. So I settled for this small little bank over the dishwasher, right before the dining room. The best part about these shelves? They cost us less than $20 each! (we used stain and clear coat we had leftover from refinishing our floors, if you don’t have those it will cost a bit more)
[Read more...]

Fiesta! Baby Shower Inspiration

Guys! I’ve had a very exciting day! Are you following me on Twitter or Instagram? It’s a secret… but there’s a couple sneak peaks over there!

Fiesta! Baby Shower Inspiration -

Next weekend I’m so excited to be hosting my sister-in-laws baby shower at our new place. It’s her second, so we’re having a girls night/ baby shower fiesta instead of the traditional afternoon cupcakes and coffee. I’m pretty giddy about it- I know I could use a girls night… and some precious cuddles from my new niece! I thought I’d share some of our inspiration for the party- since it’s all I’ve been eying on Pinterest lately. [Read more...]

Over Here! DIY Hand Painted Felt Banners

Big news guys! If you follow me on Twitter, you might have already heard… but you’re talkin’ to the newest contributor over at Pretty Providence! And… my first post with them was yesterday! SO exciting, right? That means that I’ll be sharing a DIY project over there once a month, and I couldn’t be happier.

Yesterday for my first post I made these little hand painted felt banners for over the twins’ cribs… and a couple other ones but I haven’t decided where they will live yet. The twins room is slowly coming to life! I shared my inspiration for their two tone walls here, and their new light here… but there’s more happening and I can’t wait to share when it starts to look a little less like a work zone!

DIY Hand Painted Felt Wall Hangings - for Pretty Providence [Read more...]

Celebrate Being Alive: Free Printable

Being Alive is Something to be Celebrated Every Day - free printable!

Guys, you’re in for a treat! Today I’ve got a freebie for you from the incredible Jana Miller. I found Jana when she left a comment on my pancake party and found myself an hour later ogling at all the hand drawn goodness. So I hopped on to email her and ask if she would be kind enough to create something just for you guys- and would you believe it, she said yes! [Read more...]

Hay There! Party Seating & Money Saving Secret

Today I’m bringing you guys a surefire way to find out if you are prone to hay fever! JK- but seriously, it sucks so take something before you ever have to find out.

Hay Bail Seating -

Anyways, My sister-in-law put together some gorgeous details for a wedding this past weekend and I asked if I could tag along and take some pictures of the set up. I only ended up staying for the set up of the hay bales (imagine that) but I think it’s worth sharing because it’s an awesome idea for country themed party seating! You’ve seen it before- I KNOW! In case you haven’t- check out this gorgeous weddings from SMP. But what no one has told you is that it’s a ton of material to cover all those hay bales. And no one wants to sit on uncovered hay in their party clothes- no one. So what’s a girl to do? [Read more...]

How To Wire a Ceiling Pendant

So guys, I’m ‘sick’ again! I was so frustrated I started taking more vitamins until someone pointed out to me- hayfever! I’ve never had it- but apparently now I do… you’ll understand after my next post (hint: it includes hay). When my sister-in-law made the obvious connection I could have smacked myself! I have allergies already so it’s not a stretch. Oh well, now I know for next time. Just thought I should let you know.

How to Wire a Ceiling Light! -

Today’s DIY does not take place on a ranch with hay- so you’re safe if you’re an allergic nut like me. Today I’m going to show you how we wired a plug-in pendant (you know the really funky ones you can find) into a ceiling light. I know every blogger out there (exaggeration) has posted how to turn some random object into a light- but what about the wiring!? This is that missing step (although not the most glamorous). There are a million tutorials online how to do this- but they confuse me, so this is the dummed down version (not that you’re a dummy). [Read more...]