Over Here! DIY Hand Painted Felt Banners

Big news guys! If you follow me on Twitter, you might have already heard… but you’re talkin’ to the newest contributor over at Pretty Providence! And… my first post with them was yesterday! SO exciting, right? That means that I’ll be sharing a DIY project over there once a month, and I couldn’t be happier.

Yesterday for my first post I made these little hand painted felt banners for over the twins’ cribs… and a couple other ones but I haven’t decided where they will live yet. The twins room is slowly coming to life! I shared my inspiration for their two tone walls here, and their new light here… but there’s more happening and I can’t wait to share when it starts to look a little less like a work zone!

DIY Hand Painted Felt Wall Hangings - lemonthistle.com for Pretty Providence [Read more...]

Celebrate Being Alive: Free Printable

Being Alive is Something to be Celebrated Every Day - free printable! -lemonthistle.com

Guys, you’re in for a treat! Today I’ve got a freebie for you from the incredible Jana Miller. I found Jana when she left a comment on my pancake party and found myself an hour later ogling at all the hand drawn goodness. So I hopped on to email her and ask if she would be kind enough to create something just for you guys- and would you believe it, she said yes! [Read more...]

Hay There! Party Seating & Money Saving Secret

Today I’m bringing you guys a surefire way to find out if you are prone to hay fever! JK- but seriously, it sucks so take something before you ever have to find out.

Hay Bail Seating - lemonthistle.com

Anyways, My sister-in-law put together some gorgeous details for a wedding this past weekend and I asked if I could tag along and take some pictures of the set up. I only ended up staying for the set up of the hay bales (imagine that) but I think it’s worth sharing because it’s an awesome idea for a country themed party! You’ve seen it before- I KNOW! In case you haven’t- check out this gorgeous weddings from SMP. But what no one has told you is that it’s a ton of material to cover all those hay bales. And no one wants to sit on uncovered hay in their party clothes- no one. So what’s a girl to do? [Read more...]

How To Wire a Ceiling Pendant

So guys, I’m ‘sick’ again! I was so frustrated I started taking more vitamins until someone pointed out to me- hayfever! I’ve never had it- but apparently now I do… you’ll understand after my next post (hint: it includes hay). When my sister-in-law made the obvious connection I could have smacked myself! I have allergies already so it’s not a stretch. Oh well, now I know for next time. Just thought I should let you know.

How to Wire a Ceiling Light! - lemonthistle.com

Today’s DIY does not take place on a ranch with hay- so you’re safe if you’re an allergic nut like me. Today I’m going to show you how we wired a plug-in pendant (you know the really funky ones you can find) into a ceiling light. I know every blogger out there (exaggeration) has posted how to turn some random object into a light- but what about the wiring!? This is that missing step (although not the most glamorous). There are a million tutorials online how to do this- but they confuse me, so this is the dummed down version (not that you’re a dummy). [Read more...]

Pretty Up Your Grocery Store Flowers

Pretty Up your Grocery Store Florals - lemonthistle.comI’m just popping in quickly today to share some tips on prettying-up your grocery store bouquet. You know the ones- you walk into the store with your list in hand, you’re going to leave with nothing that’s not on that list. But then you see the beautiful bouquets to your left, so you decide to take a peek, and they’re on sale! You can’t say no- am I right? Then you get those beauties home and plop them in your vase to find that they’re not quite as cute as they were in their paper wrap. Why!? I do this all the time- and this is the reason I started playing around with arranging flowers. They’re the bouquets you get as gifts too- the one in these photos is from one of my friends when she visited our new place for her first time (how sweet is that?!). So here’s what they looked like just plopped into a vase. The flowers are pretty, but the vase is doing nothing for them. [Read more...]

Two Dollar DIY Napkins & Wall Hanging

Good Morning Sunshine! Yeah, I’m talkin’ to you.

Last week I shared the Pretty Little Pancake party I put together for a couple friends and promised to show you how I made the DIY napkins and wall hanging that made an appearance. So here you have it, quick and ever so affordable napkins (and then I’ll squeeze in how I did that little wall hanging).

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Pretty Little Pancake Party

I’m so excited for this weekend you guys! It’s Shane’s first long weekend of the summer and he’s booked his vacation around it to make it a bit longer. Today he has the day off and has taken the kids to surprise his Dad at work with a coffee and visit. I’m taking the opportunity to catch up on bloggy stuff and shower. Because showering is important and with babies keeping me on my toes- washing my hair is often the thing that gets skipped. Needless to say- I’m excited for this quiet morning at home.

Pretty Little Pancake Party - lemonthistle.com

Earlier this week I had a few friends over for a little pancake party to test out some local butters, jams, jellies, syrups, and honeys that I picked up and received as gifts over Christmas. I’ve been waiting for a good opportunity to crack them out- and while couch-surfing at my Dad’s didn’t seem like the right time. But now… perfect. Before I show you all the lovely pictures- can I say how amazing my friends are? I’d love to say that they showed up to a pretty set table with piping hot pancakes on the grill, but really they showed up to me wrangling a screaming poopy baby while holding the other one back with my foot to try change a diaper. They jumped right into the *crappy* situation (I make myself laugh, seriously) entertaining my kids, mixing up pancake batter and cooking bacon while we sipped coffee and chatted and laughed. The best, right? Anyways. Given that this all happened after they arrived, I can assure you this is the easiest party to host- ever.

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DIY Canada Day Pallet Art- and a money saving secret

I know blogland is filled with redwhiteandblue right now, but us Canadians are looking forward to Canada Day this Tuesday! I’m sure it’s the same everywhere in the world, but most patriotic decorations can be so tacky! Red and white all over- I was in a store yesterday and thought about taking a picture of the seasonal aisle for this post but there were too many people around I thought I better not. I’m sure you get the picture anyways. I was inspired by Craftberry Bush’s take on Canada Day decor with her woodburned coasters (an Indigo copycat I love) that I thought I better make myself something too! This Pallet Art fit the bill perfectly. And it’s really not hard to make (making a different flag would be easy too!).

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Snail Mail: Puzzle Love Notes

I’m not sure about you, but around here summer has definitely hit! We put on the air conditioning for the first time of the season yesterday- usually we can keep the house cool by opening and closing windows/curtains depending on time of day but it’s gotten so hot we needed some help. With the heat, the kiddos have been crawling around in just a diaper so we’ve had some fun getting messy. I love to do water play with them (either outside or with a pan of water on the tile floor) and last week we did some more painting with them. I mixed up the paints (I made the same edible/baby safe paint as I did here) to paint a sign for our new niece and while we were at it made one for my sister too. I should let you know, you can use this idea for pretty much anyone- babies or not- because everyone loves snail mail. Write them a love note, paint them a picture, or draw you and them having so much fun doing your favourite things. Something like that would be pretty awesome and I’ll wait for you to pop it in the mail for me ;)

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Around Here 04

Top of the morning to ya (Yes, I just said that- I’m a few cups of coffee in). I’m back to share  what I’ve been up to this month and it’s been a big one! First, can I thank you for taking the time to be here? I’m ridiculously excited that people actually read this thing and so humbled that you take the time to let me know what you’re thinking. Honestly- the best.

Blog-wise this month has been my biggest (that’s how it’s supposed to work though, right?) I’ve been feeling so excited about it I’ve actually started telling people around me I blog. I know, get over it! I can’t believe I’m telling you this, but I’ve actually invited friends to a party and been running around with my camera and when they ask- I don’t even tell them that it’s all for this little blog I write. When Ashton shared the post I wrote about Bespoke on her Facebook, a few people found out, but now the beans are spilled. Let’s just say I’m slowly coming out of the crafting closet. This month, I was lucky enough to blog over at Crafty Allie and share how to make a cute little cork chalkboard- it’s on my mantle right now and I love that thing.  Also this week, Julie at On The Dot blogged about my Pinterest board Perfect Parties and how to choose your cover images. Apparently I’m doing something right with that, and all this time I thought I was just making it look pretty! And today? Kayla over at Home Coming is featuring my Hardwood Floor rehab on her Feature Friday. The renos that Kayla has done are Ah-mazing, if you’re into that sort of thing. All awesome, am I right? I’m feeling so blessed by you guys. (I bolded those two for you because they’re new news so if you’ve got a minute, please head on over! And maybe if you have two minutes, leave them a kind word for me? Thanks- you’re the best.)

A couple other changes you might have noticed- I’ve been linking into some great parties (that’s the list at the very bottom of my post- thanks to Kayla for explaining this to me!) and I’ve started posting 3x a week because I had so much more that I wanted to share than just twice a week! So far, I’m loving getting to chat with you all more often. The more excited I’m getting about this blog thing, the nerdier I’m getting too… I’ve been spending my free time (aka- baby naps) reading up on SEO and blogging tutorials. Know of any good reads? I’d love to hear!

Around Here 04 - lemonthistle.com

As for my real life? We’ve been ever-so-slowly chipping away at all the projects we have left to do. Since moving in we’ve gotten about 95% less done each day. Something about having babies underfoot is a real distraction. Who can resist the cuddles? See that picture up there… They’re always watching, calling for you to take a break and tickle them. No-one (especially grandparents) can say no. I don’t blame them, I usually get to be the baby entertainer during work days although I’m not sure how I always seem to score the best job (mom-win).  They like to help when we’re painting by climbing the sawhorses, and they help unpack by dropping their toys in the boxes… it’s so nice of them to help, really. Plus, we’ve had to deal with home-owner stuff, like mowing the lawn and fixing leaks (oh, the leaks). But projects are slowly getting done- our stairs are SO close, I can’t wait. [Read more...]