Message in a Bottle

So much fun! Tiny Message in a Bottle

Happy Black Friday! I’m loving that Canada is adopting Black Friday- it’s the perfect time to shop for Christmas gifts. I hope you are all relaxing after a delicious turkey dinner last night. I mentioned on Wednesday that I was excited to be attending an American Thanksgiving dinner and it was SO good guys. They put sausage in the stuffing and I went back for thirds. I would have eaten more but I was trying to keep my cool. Is this a normal thing to do? Have I just been missing out? I need answers! And recipes! Send me your sausage filled stuffing recipes pretty please?!

Anyways, before I share this cute little Message in a Bottle with you, I want to thank you guys for entering the Plumb Goods giveaway last week! The winner is Anita L. and her winning entry was her tweet (I emailed you!) but all of your tweets and shares helped to raise money for their #artbreak campaign… so it really was a win/win :) And I want to say a HUGE thank-you to everyone who’s liked my page on Facebook- I’m pretty sure all but four of the entries were from you!

So much fun! Tiny Message in a Bottle

When I was strolling through Chapters Indigo a while back (one of my favourite outings because there’s a Starbucks in there… tied with Target probably) I spotted these message in a bottle kits. They’re super cute but they’re $17 for three! I decided I could make them instead. It took me a couple weeks, but I remembered I had saved the little bottles from my violet place cards… and they were PERFECT for this! They’re quite small in comparison to the ones at Chapters, but the price tag is too. [Read more…]

DIY Magnetic Advent Calendar

DIY Magnetic Advent Calendar

It’s that time! Chriiiistmas time!! Is the excitement over the top? The countdown is on… and the official advent countdown is on starting Monday. Like this coming Monday. Like only five days away. I hope that gets you excited and not stressed. I’m somewhere in between right now, but fun projects like this are helping me get more excited. Growing up we always had the best advent calendars. My grandma made us a felt advent calender and my mom filled it with all sorts of goodies. I’d love for my kids to have that same experience… but they’re not old enough to get that yet, so I decided I’d put one together for my Hubby instead.

Before I get to it though… have you entered my giveaway for some awesome Plumb Notebooks yet? They’re amazing and the giveaway ends at midnight tonight… so you should hop over there!!

DIY Magnetic Advent Calendar

A girlfriend and I got together last week and crafted these- I’m so happy with how they turned out! We were inspired by this envelope tree advent but wanted to be able to put little treats in so decided on little boxes instead. The trouble with cute little boxes? Tape doesn’t hold them onto my wall… especially not with goodies in there. Since I wasn’t ready to put 24 holes in my wall to hold the boxes on I had to get thinking.

DIY Magnetic Advent Calendar [Read more…]

DIY Rustic Mirror for $5

DIY Rustic Mirror out of Free Pallet Wood!

Happy Monday! We’re one week away from December… crazy right! I started my Christmas shopping this weekend (rather unsuccessfully) after attending our local Homes for the Holidays fundraiser… it always gets me in the spirit!

Today I’m not bringing the holiday spirit though… this rustic mirror would be great for any season in your home (but it would also make a wicked affordable gift!). It cost me less than five bucks to make this guy and I’m so happy with how it looks on my mantle! Shane said it was his favourite DIY that I’ve ever done- that’s a pretty good review :)

DIY Rustic Mirror out of Free Pallet Wood!

Alright, so ready to see how to make this rustic beauty? I’ve got the DIY video below courtesy of Shaw TV! [Read more…]

Geometric Christmas Colouring Sheets (Giveaway!)

3 Free Geometric Holiday Colouring SheetsI’m sorry to my American friends who haven’t had Thanksgiving yet… but us Canadians have not only had Thanksgiving, but a lot of us have even seen snow. So ’tis the season and I’m starting it off with some geometric fun! Ever since I created my BOO! Geometric Ghost printable for Halloween, I’ve been dreaming of some Christmas versions. When Plumb Goods approached me to support their #artbreak campaign to raise money for 826 National (reading/writing centers for underprivileged kids & youth), I thought it would be fun to turn the printables into free colouring sheets for you. So before I share them with you (and a fun giveaway) I thought you should know that for every tweet, Instagram photo, or Facebook post including #artbreak, Plumb Goods will donate $1 to 826 National.

3 Free Geometric Holiday Colouring Sheets

3 Free Geometric Holiday Colouring Sheets [Read more…]

Fizzy Cola Cake Recipe

Cola Cake Recipe with Fizzy Icing! How cool is that!

Can I just say that you’re in for a treat today? You may or may not have noticed that I don’t post much food here… and when I do it’s pretty basic. It’s not that I can’t cook/bake, in fact I really enjoy cooking, but I couldn’t tell you what I do. I like to make it up as I go and hope it turns out (it usually does, thankfully). But there’s other people in this world that can not only create delicious food and tell us exactly how they did it, but they can also make it look so ridiculously tasty that you scour your cupboards to try and make their recipe right then and there. Aimee from Twigg Studios is one of those people. And she’s created a recipe for all you wonderful Lemon Thistle readers!

Now, before we get to the recipe I need to rave about how good this looks! One of the first things that drew me to Aimee’s blog is her wonderful moody photos. I can’t get enough of the eye candy. But as for real candy? My hubby is a candy fiend, so I’m certain when he sees this I will need to try my hand at it. I love that she not only cooks the cola into the cake and decorates with them- but she found a way to make the icing ‘fizz’ too. I want to try it just for the fizzy icing! Alright, I’ll rest my case and give you guys the goods.

Cola Cake Recipe with Fizzy Icing! [Read more…]

Painted Party-Ware

DIY Painted Plastic Party Cutlery! What a fun idea to add a punch of colour

Have you guys seen painted cutlery before? it’s so much fun, I love how it adds a custom punch of colour to a party. Although it’s been on my list to try for a party for quite a while, I just never got around to it. I felt bad ‘wrecking’ cutlery. Sure, I could have hit the thrift stores and scooped up some old cutlery to freshen up for pennies… but then what do I do with it all? But the idea is SO fun.

DIY Painted Plastic Party Cutlery! What a fun idea to add a punch of colour

DIY Painted Plastic Party Cutlery! What a fun idea to add a punch of colour

So then I spotted these plastic utensils that look like real cutlery and it clicked. I’ll paint the fake stuff! So I grabbed a couple boxes and rushed home to test it out. If you haven’t already guessed, I LOVE the way it turned out! I’m for sure keeping this idea in my back pocket for a future party. And I really love how it could dress up a paper plate party. Can paper plates and plastic cutlery be classy? It’s well on it’s way with these guys. [Read more…]

Over Here: Confetti Shadow Box & Wooden Mobile

I wanted to title this post: Over Here. and Here. But then adding the project names after that would have made for one very long title. But it’d be accurate, and that’s something, right? Okay, so number one- earlier this week I was over at the Little Umbrella (I know, surreal!!) sharing this DIY Watercolour Wood Mobile. It’s my first DIY for them, and I don’t know if I could be any more excited. They’re one of the first places I look for baby/maternity/nursery/shower inspiration, the beautiful photos just wont quit. If you haven’t heard of them and have any baby in your life… head on over, really you’ll be so impressed.

DIY Watercolour Wooden Star Mobile for The Little Umbrella

ALSO, I was over at Pretty Providence again this month sharing this super fun Confetti Filled Shadow Box. Notice a trend? My kids’ room is slowly coming together and I couldn’t be happier. There’s something about rooms that are collected and put together over time instead of bought and designed in a hurry.

DIY Confetti Filled Shadow Box [Read more…]

Books on Hooks: Simple Storage Solution

Simple Storage Solution! Book Baskets on Hooks

Is anyone else feeling the November pressure? Every time around this year I get so overwhelmed and my to-do list feels out of control. It doesn’t seem to matter what I’m doing or what I’ve taken on, I think it has a lot to do with dear daylight savings. Today is a really simple organization or storage solution to help get at least ONE thing in your life under control. We love books, although we try limit the amount of toys that come into our house, we will never turn down a book. So we have a lot. And they were everywhere! With two cribs in our babes little room there wasn’t space for a book shelf. We’re using a crate in our living room, but had too many books. [Read more…]

In Remembrance

We Remember

I just wanted to drop in and leave a heartfelt thank-you to all the men and women who have served and are currently serving in our Canadian Forces as well as their families. This year Remembrance Day is heavy on our hearts as two of our soldiers were lost on our own soil this past month. Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent and Cpl. Nathan Cirillo’s deaths were less than a week apart, a sobering reminder of the selflessness and courage the members of our Armed Forces give. Especially today, we remember what you have done to serve our country and to keep us safe and free.

Thank you.

We Remember

DIY Floral Crowns and Leaf Garland

DIY Floral Crowns - So easy anyone can do it!

Today I’m excited to share with you the quickest way to make a leaf garland and floral crowns. This is the last post of DIYs from my birthday dinner party- you can check out the whole party, the Monogrammed Velvet Napkin Rings, and my Naked Cake Cheat too if you like. This one is going to be quick, because the tutorial is, well, easy. But that’s how I like it- quick and easy crafts for parties, save the time consuming DIYs for home decor and things that will stick around a bit longer. And what’s really awesome about these crowns- the greens I chose dry kind of like lavender, meaning they’ll last for pretty near ever. I still have mine and it’s been over a month. [Read more…]