2 Minute Chalkboard Wrapped Drink Jars

DIY Chalkboard Wrapped Drink Jars... 2 minutes and NO dry time! Perfect addition to a party

If you remember my Black and White Boho Party I posted a few months back, you might have spotted these DIY Chalkboard Wrapped Drink Jars. I originally shared the 2 minute DIY over at Pretty Providence, but realized I’ve yet to share it with you all! Let’s remedy that, okay?

DIY Chalkboard Wrapped Drink Jars... 2 minutes and NO dry time! Perfect addition to a party

These chalkboard wrapped drink jars are the best because they literally take 2 minutes and have NO dry time. With how quick they are, you could make them while guests are arriving. There’s no minute like the last minute, right?

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

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September Tech Wallpapers

We’re just a few days away from September- and getting back into routine (hopefully!). More than just a time of routine, I find September is a month of planning for me- even more so than new years. There’s something about getting through the chaos of summer and sitting down with a new planner and dreaming about all the things you have planned for the cooler weather. The quote this month is all about dreaming- I really do hope it’s something you take the time to do!

If you’re new to Lemon Thistle, every month, I create free technology backgrounds for you to download. I make each a quote version, a calendar version, and a monthly script version in each desktop, phone, and tablet sizes. You can take your pick! New this month, I’m also creating a free printable 8×10 version of the quote for my e-mail friends. If you’re not yet signed up for my list, you can get in on the updates and freebies right here!

Free Calendar and Quote Wallpapers for your Iphone, Ipad and Desktop backgrounds

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DIY Wooden Bath Caddy

This post contains affiliate links which help support Lemon Thistle. As always, I’ll only recommend things I love, love. Full disclosure here.

DIY Wooden Bath Caddy- this would make the perfect christmas gift! *hint hint*

Sigh, can I make a confession? I just finished up this bath caddy yesterday and ran a bath just to take pictures. But I was rushed to get to a meeting so didn’t get to enjoy the bath. So I can’t tell you from experience how wonderful it is to use… but man, it’s so inviting! I’m planning on trying it out tonight when we get home from swimming lessons. Because a long soak in suds filled water beats the chlorine smell.

DIY Wooden Bath Caddy- this would make the perfect christmas gift! *hint hint*

Okay, now that I’ve come clean about this being a fake bath… let’s talk about this bath caddy because I’m kind of in love with it! I can tell it’s going to make my ‘me time’ so much more enjoyable. And less magazines will suffer damp pages because of it. Also… our bath does not have a very big ledge around, so it’s exciting to know I’ll be able to have tea (or wine when this baby makes it’s appearance!) without having to reach to the floor #thestruggleisreal. When I spotted this bath caddy on Etsy a while back, I knew that instead of shelling out the $130, I needed to try making my own. I’m so glad I did!

DIY Wooden Bath Caddy- this would make the perfect christmas gift! *hint hint*

This project took me only a morning to assemble and then I took my time staining and sealing it. And do you want to know how much it cost me? $4 in lumber. Seriously. I already had the stain on hand, but if you needed to buy that, it still would come in around $20 which is a $110 savings.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

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8 Rad DIY Tea Towels to Try

Is anyone else already thinking Christmas gifts? With baby set to arrive around Christmas, I feel like fall is going to fly by and I’m not feeling at all prepared. So I’ve been starting to think about gifting and am loving the idea of DIY tea towels wrapped up with a baked good for Christmas gifts. Fun, right? So I set out to gathering some rad tutorials to get my creative juices flowing.

8 Rad DIY Tea Towels to try... awesome gift idea!

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Back to School Banana Oat Walnut Loaf In A Jar

Kid-friendly and free from refined sugars, your little ones will be begging for these in their lunch! You can even make it nut and gluten-free. Portable, and single-serve, back to school snacks have never been so easy!

Hi friends! Megan here from Straight From the Jar. I’m back this month just in time for back to school with a super kid-friendly and most importantly, healthy recipe for Banana Oat Walnut Loaf In A Jar!

Banana Oat Walnut Loaf in a Jar- perfect grab and go snack!

Even after 5 years of being out of school, those three words together for some reason still feel like they mean something. Is it weird if I want to say they make me cringe and excited at the same time? I used to absolutely LOVE going back to school shopping. Continue Reading…

The Plan: A Big Kids’ Room in the Making

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Big Kids Bedroom Moodboard! Gender neutral for boy girl twin toddlers

Do you ever feel like you have 10 000 plans and not so many hours to complete them all? Since we realized summer is coming to an end (how!?), baby’s December due date is feeling crazy close and there are SO many things we’d planned to do before his/her arrival. It’s time to get crackin’! One of those things is a ‘big kids’ room for the twins. They’re turning two next month and have been sleeping on their crib mattresses on the floor for a while now (please don’t kick me out of the blogger club for this!). We are excited to finally get started on some of the changes that we’re going to make to their space.

Here’s what we’re working with. We actually never really ‘finished’ their nursery. Hopefully the next baby will have better luck ;) The paint colour is not changing- I’m much too lazy and I still do like it! The dresser will be moving out to make room for two twin beds, so a closet organizer is in desperate need. That arrow shelf I love too much to let go, and I want to give the window a copper curtain rod like our dining room. Beyond that?Continue Reading…