DIY Vintage Cheesebox Floral Arrangement

Can you believe we’re more than halfway through August!? Time is flying by so quickly lately! I’ve taken a few days off to enjoy some wineries with my sister-in-laws while Shane kept the kids (woo hoo!) and today I’m headed away for another two nights to run (probably run/walk) a half marathon! So I’m going to make it short and sweet friends.

I bought this vintage cheesebox months ago and have been using it in my kids room to hold ultrasound photos (we have a bazillion) and although it will probably go back there after it’s done being used as a vase- I really wanted to test out using it as a floral container. The result? So sweet! I love how wild and natural it looks, it pairs so well with these farmers market flowers I snatched up- I couldn’t help but share it with you.DIY Vintage Cheesebox Floral Arrangement [Read more...]

Video DIY: Confetti Wreath

So, Guys!  I have exciting news. If you’ve been following along on Twitter or Instagram, you’ve probably heard- I’m so excited to be doing some DIY videos for a local EP show here. What? I know, basically that means I’m getting to do some video DIYs for Shaw TV, one of our local channels and they’ll be posted here for you as well! Rockin’

DIY Confetti Wreath with a video tutorail!

The first one in the series is this super festive confetti wreath. I used this one for the Fiesta I hosted a while back, but my front door is the worst so I only have a photo of it finished inside, but I’m sure you get the idea. This wreath cost me about $5 but if you need to buy adhesive it will run you a bit more. The thing I love most about this wreath (other than… well, confetti) is that you could change the colours and make it suit pretty much any occasion. Halloween? Black and orange. Valentines? Pink and Red. Canada Day? You get the picture.

So let’s start with the video then we’ll share my step-by-step if you’re reading this somewhere like work where videos are taboo (don’t worry, I know you’re a hard worker- we all deserve breaks). [Read more...]

Over Here: Frugal Fringe Garland

Happy Friday! If you remember my big announcement from last month- I’m so excited to be a contributor over at Pretty Providence- and yesterday was my second post! I’m capping off my Fiesta Shower posts with the fringe garland that gave the punch of colour every fiesta needs. This garland cost less than $4 to make all the fringe for our party. That’s pennies. You can find the whole tutorial over at Pretty Providence here.

DIY Frugal Fringe Garland for a Fiesta!

[Read more...]

Geometric Sunhat Refashion for Pennies

DIY Geometric Sunhat Refashion for pennies!

Even though it’s raining here today, I thought I’d share with you this quick and easy sunhat refashion. I am not a hat wearer. You know there’s some people that wear hats all the time and they look AWESOME. And then there’s the rest of us that love how hats look but never actually wear them. Whether you don’t think hats look good on you, they’re not comfortable, or whatever- I just forget that they’re an option. Growing up we wore hats when we didn’t wash our hair. So now- no matter how nice the hat, I think people will assume I’m hiding my hair because I didn’t shower. Ridiculous, right? I never think that when I see other people wearing their fabulous hats- but that’s what how I feel every. time. [Read more...]

We’ve Moved! A Free Printable Postcard

We’ve only owned this house for five months. And lived here for three. Really, it’s not that crazy that I’d only think to tell people now… right? Let’s pretend you agree wholeheartedly, because today I’m sharing the postcards I made to send out saying that it’s official. We live here.

Moved? How about some free printable postcards to let everyone know! -

But really, just because I’ve had them printed doesn’t mean I’ve sent them out. I’ve been playing around with handlettering (I’m seriously jealous of anyone with naturally beautiful handwriting) so I’ve only been doing about two or so when I get a minute. That said, I did have fun creating these ‘fake address’ ones to take pictures of. My sister really does live too far away. [Read more...]

Back to School Mail – And a Printable

Send some back to school mail -

I can’t believe some kids are back in school already! Around here, school starts in September so there’s a few weeks of summer vacation left. I’m a super bad procrastinator so last year left the ‘back to school mail’ until my nieces and nephews were actually back in school. But all the buzz around blogland encouraged me to get on it a bit sooner this year. [Read more...]

Lemon Thistle is 1 Year Old!

Yesterday marked Lemon Thistle’s first birthday (or first blogiversary if you rather). I can’t believe it’s already been a year since I hit ‘publish’ and dove into this blogging thing. Since then, I’ve realized how much of a passion this is for me and have loved learning how to better myself and this little blog along the way. Being off work and on modified bed rest I was craving something to pour myself into and stretch my creativity- and this has been the best outlet I could have asked for. I’m getting close to that ‘head back to work’ deadline and I don’t see Lemon Thistle going anywhere yet.


I remember telling my hubby that I got my first comment on a post- I couldn’t believe anyone was actually reading what I was writing. Then I remember my friends finding out that I’m writing this thing and the texts, letters, and FB posts of support- I was so anxious to keep my little secret, but I’m glad the cats out of the bag- you guys are an amazing support. I’m so thankful for every comment- you guys are making this such a worthwhile adventure. I feel like I’ve already made new friends (and would love to make more-so drop me a note!) and I really am so grateful for that.

I feel like I’m just scratching the surface, I’ve been day dreaming guys- and that’s an exciting feeling. I can’t wait to get started on another year! So sincerely, thank you for checking in time after time, sharing my work on social media,  and leaving comments to encourage me- you rock.


(I also feel like I used the words ‘feel’ and ‘like’ a lot in this post- forgive me, I’m gushing)

10 Minute Leather and Cork Chalkboard

I’m just popping in quickly today- we just got back from a lovely weekend of camping (for the first time with the babes!). So we’re taking the day to relax and unpack. I thought it’s about time I shared with you this cork chalkboard I created for Crafty Allie a couple months ago. It’s seriously one of my favourite crafts that I’ve done on Lemon Thistle so I had to show you guys! This leather and cork chalkboard is the perfect last minute DIY to spruce up your office, empty wall, or to whip up as a gift.

DIY Cork Chalkboard - [Read more...]

Adorable Mini Tacos – A Slowcooker Chicken Taco Meat Recipe

Last week I shared my recipe for the Creamy Lime Watermelon ‘Cake’ that we served at our Fiesta Baby Shower. The other recipe that I found myself sharing over and over was for these adorable mini tacos! Not only are they super cute, but I made the taco meat I make for over taco salads in the slowcooker, so they came together in a snap right before the party.

Fiesta! Chicken Slowcooker Taco Meat Recipe -

So let’s talk about everything but the meat before we move on to the goods. I followed the instructions from SMP Living to make the cute little shells. I found that I got 5 mini shells out of one large tortilla and could fit twenty on a baking sheet/cookie rack at a time. I used a glass instead of a cookie cutter- it was definitely bigger than the 2″ SMP suggests. We made 60 and even though there were only 17 of us at the party- they disappeared faster than everything else on the table. Talk about a hit! We made the shells early in the day and had them waiting to be assembled. Other than the chicken, we topped the tacos with diced avocado and tomato as well as finely shredded cheddar cheese. Since the chicken is saucy in itself we didn’t need to add extra sauce. [Read more...]

DIY Salvage Copper Curtain Rods

It took us long enough, but we finally have some privacy in our home thanks to these DIY salvage copper curtain rods! I still need to hem the curtains (but our kiddos are having so much fun playing in them, I’ve been putting it off), but I thought I’d share them with you as-is because I’m too eager to wait. When we bought our place, we had to have some un-fun work done, like an upgraded electrical panel and a new hot water tank. BUT when he was replacing our hot water tank, our plumber took out a bunch of copper piping to fit the larger tank and solve some of the plumbing issues this house had. Looking at the pile of scrap inspired this project.

DIY Salvage copper curtain rods -

I’ve seen some copper curtain rods out there, but none of them have been quite right for our space. I don’t love how industrial the use of flanges are for our space, and I didn’t like how low profile and slick to the wall these were, but I also didn’t like how bulky the finials were on this version. These are all gorgeous in those spaces… but weren’t quite right for our space. [Read more...]