Grocery Store Cake Makeover (Naked!)

This looks like it's from a bakery! DIY 'Naked' Grocery Store Cake Makeover

Guys, I have a dirty secret… I have subbed grocery store cakes for homemade cakes on a handful of occasions. And no one knew because of my excellent lying makeover skills. Is that bad? If so, it gets worse. I was asked to do a wedding cake for a small wedding… like very last minute. I picked up a store bought cake the morning of the wedding and stripped it down to re-decorate it in between the ceremony and the reception. I didn’t tell them it was store bought, no one asked. In fact… I got a reputation for being a pretty good cake maker. If only they knew!

So now that I’ve spilled the beans… yes, my birthday cake came from the grocery store. It cost no where near a real bakery cake, but I still got compliments and it looked good in pictures. I did tell my guests it wasn’t home made. They didn’t mind. I do bake sometimes, if I were attending a party and that was all I was charged with, I most definitely would! But for my birthday party I decorated, planned the menu, grocery shopped, and had to clean my house (that last one is the kicker). So I cut myself some slack on the cake. [Read more...]

Boo! Geometric Ghost Free Printable

Boo! Geometric Ghost Free Printable and how to use them.

If you’re like me and haven’t done much in the way of Halloween decorations, this is your chance! We’re having a party on Friday (super low-key) so I thought I should get a little bit of Halloween on our walls. I love printables and found a couple awesome ones for you on the web, then made one to create a mini gallery. I love them! Free printables are perfect for holiday decorations because they’re pretty much free (just ink and paper) and they’re easy to put up/take down in a hurry. Plus, they’re really, really cute so I can’t resist. I put mine up with washi tape because that’s another addiction of mine. My collection is growing constantly and I’ll jump at any chance to use them.

Boo! Geometric Ghost Free Printable and how to use them. [Read more...]

DIY Candy Corn Cork Coasters and Trivets

Fun idea! DIY Cork Candy Corn Coasters

Halloween is THIS Friday, guys! Can you believe it? I’m not even done making my costume. I’m optimistic I will have it done for Friday though. But what do I have done? These cork coasters, of course. This is the last video DIY for a couple weeks while we work to prepare more for you (Yay!). Thanks so much for the awesome feedback on these, guys. I’m so thankful for your support, it really is because of you that Shaw keeps inviting me back!

These are so cute!! DIY Cork Candy Corn Coasters

Candy corn is probably THE most recognizable candy- especially for Halloween. I’ve been hoarding cork tiles from the dollar store for a while and thought this is the perfect way to use it up and have some easy decor for my house for the season (and my upcoming party)! They’re really easy to make, so I’m sure if you get started, you’ll make way more than you need (like me) and end up giving them as gifts. Speaking of which, does anyone that lives around me want some candy corn cork coasters? I have more than I care to admit now. I was on a roll. It happens. [Read more...]

How to DIY a Deceptively Luxe Dinner Party

DIY Your Way to a Deceptively Luxe Dinner Party

So I’m 25 now. Woohoo! A couple weeks ago, I had my 25th birthday and invited some of my closest girlfriends over to celebrate. I thought it was a great excuse to get fancy and cook a delicious meal (before games, of course). I was picturing something something girly and luxe, but my budget was picturing something pretty basic. I’m so happy with how it turned out! So this post is not only about my birthday party (Woo!) but how to save money on dinner party decorations. Today I’m talking party decorations, but I’m going to follow this up with posts on the flower crowns & leaf garland, as well as the cake (it’s a hack!) and the bunting and monogrammed napkin ‘rings’.

DIY Your Way to a Deceptively Luxe Dinner Party [Read more...]

Time for a Spooky Fridge

Hahah! What a fun idea! A spooky fridge surprise!!

Halloween is coming! Despite having ignored it completely on the blog so far this year, I do know it’s creeping up on us! I thought I’d bring you a fun and super quick way to bring Halloween into your home… and your fridge. I hope you’ll find this as funny as me- I crack up at these things. A couple years ago, I gave our carton of eggs a little makeover and not only did it give me a good laugh, but my hubby and our then-roomate. But this isn’t just your eggs… this is your whole fridge. It’s a fun surprise for anyone that goes to grab a drink. Why? Well, other than it being crazy funny, if you’re having a Halloween get together, this will be an unexpected way to delight your guests. Yes, I said delight. [Read more...]

Paint Dipped Thrifted Treasures


Super fun! DIY Paint Dipped Thrifted Treasures

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Mine was super relaxing, a friend treated me to a pedicure and our family enjoyed our weekly stroll to Starbucks and let the kids play in the school fields (the best kinds of days). Today’s project is a quick one- it’s Monday after all, and today my class is writing the midterm! These Paint Dipped Thrifted Treasures are part of my DIY Video series with our local Shaw channel- it’s been so fun coming up with ideas that can be demonstrated in a two minute video! [Read more...]

6 DIYs to Get Your Home Autumn Ready

Earlier this week I tweeted that I love my Brushed Nickel Mini Pumpkins but that they are ALL that we have that’s ‘fall’ in this house. Thanksgiving here has come and gone and I have nothing else that’s seasonal in my home. I’m disappointed about it… but really this year, there just isn’t enough time in the day. So instead of getting down (what good would that do?) I’ve pulled together some of my favourite autumn decorations that I’ve seen around the web (this year and years past). So let’s get jealous together and admire, okay?

6 DIYs to Get your home Autumn Ready

Oh, so I should prepare you… I’m not a big orange and brown decorations for fall type girl. Nah, I’ll leave those. I love the colours of fall outside- it’s rich and beautiful and makes me want to cozy up inside. But I’d prefer to keep the inside of my home more neutral for fall. Then I can do fun things like have a purple flowers at my Thanksgiving Table. Anyways. So here are 6 ideas to get your home fall ready (without all the orange). [Read more...]

DIY Leaves Snailmail

Send a note on a Leaf!

Did you know that you can preserve leaves? I didn’t until it started taking over my Pinterest feed! (Are we Pin-buddies? We should be- you can find me here) When I saw this I immediately thought what a fun little snail mail note these would make- and perfect timing for my #thankfulmail challenge! After a little bit of experimentation… it can be done! But there’s a few things to consider. [Read more...]

DIY Farm Animal Tic-Tac-Toe

What a fun gift! DIY Farm Animal Tic Tac Toe

I have another video DIY for you today- and it’s an easy one. Today, I’m going go show you how I made this fun farm animals Tic Tac Toe (Xs and Os). This would make such a fun gift for the littles in your life (I hear there’s a holiday coming up that we give lots of gifts). It would also be the perfect game to pack up for a picnic, my hubby and I love to play simple games like this- it makes for good conversation. You could also make it to match a kids party theme- you get to pick the colours!Seriously fun idea!! What a fun gift! DIY Farm Animal Tic Tac Toe
I have to admit, I was a bit more awkward in this one- I can’t remember what we were talking about in between takes, but I’m sure it was funny. [Read more...]

Over Here: DIY Dino Doorstop

You guessed it (Maybe? Ok, Probably not…) Yesterday I was over at Pretty Providence sharing my DIY Dino Doorstop! This thing is so darn cute and it’s effective. Plus, it’s an Anthro Knockoff. My last one turned out so well, so I thought I’d try my hand at another. I think it might become a regular thing over here- I love knowing I didn’t pay $24 for this guy!

How cute is this! DIY Dinosaur Doorstop (an Anthro knock-off)

Effective? Yeah, you heard me- I had never in my life thought of paying money for a door stop. Until I had kids. And those kids liked to close doors for fun- then cry if I don’t run to let them out of the room they closed themselves into. We’ve been pushing a nightstand in front of their bedroom door for a while to stop them from closing it, but it’s damaging the door (which was brand new!) and it’s just not very home decor friendly. For Christmas, we received a plush owl doorstop that’s basically a medicine ball of an owl. It worked- until my kids got stronger. My daughter loves stuffed animals and this has become one of her ‘pets’ she lugs it around (grunting because it’s too heavy for her), and cuddles his fuzzy wings. Obviously, this did not solve my door closing problem. But this dino? He’s been doing the job. Have they noticed him? You bet, Have they managed to remove him from the door? Not yet. So we’re considering this project a win! [Read more...]